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My Autism Hero Walk Fundraising Page

Lauren Holcomb

Lauren Holcomb

We have officially made it to $500! Which means Karcin gets to walk! Thank you all so much for the love and support for this little SuperHero of ours! We are still collecting donations! If we reach $1000 then Karcin will get to be featured in the "Hero of the Week" on social media and get an awesome green cape to go with this hero walk on top of what we have earned by raising the $500!
Hey Everyone!

As a lot of our family and friends know, Karcin received his diagnosis in September of 2020. We would LOVE to give Karcin the opportunity to attend this INCREDIBLE walk to celebrate the superhero that he really is!!

Due to Covid, they have limited the amount of people to 900. So the first people to reach their goals or over their goals will be given the chance to walk! Any and all help would be appreciated to help Karcin reach his goal and hopefully be able to walk in this awesome event & meet some other amazing superhero friends as well! ❤️



raised of $1,000 goal

Recent Donations

1. DSDeana Schultz
We love you Karcin
2. DHDanny Holcomb
3. SNStacy Norrus
4. PmPhilip Mansur
5. KAKatlyn Averitt
I love you Karcin, to the moon 💜
6. AGAshley Granados-Moreno
We support our nephew:) go karcin !!!

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