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Hero Up 4 Joey!

Joey’s Super Squad

Joey’s Super Squad

Calling all Joey’s Superheroes! Hero Up and grab those masks...and wallets! We are suiting up for Autism Alliance for Michigan’s Hero Walk at The Detroit Zoo! We don’t really do things like this, but this event pulled our heart strings. Superhero Costumes + Fam and Friends + Animals + Zoo + Embracing Autism = Everything Joey and our Fam! And given COVID we have to compete to get our team in so we are spreading the word and asking for your support! $500 guarantees entry. $1000 guarantees entry plus 5 team walkers joining us! With $1000 Joey also gets a special route to walk, super cool hero swag, and profiled on social media for a week! Donate and share!! Help us reach the top $1000!!

Alicia Petrucci
  • JPJoey Petrucci
  • DPDavid Petrucci


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1. AFArmour Family
Happy Birthday Super Joey!!!
2. SGSherri Gajewski
Love this!
3. HBHawk Borton
Joey, You are the most amazing superhero we know!! Good luck on your superhero walk and happy early birthday. We will be cheering you on from afar!! Love, Hawk, Fox & Family
4. LHLauren Huetteman
Happy 4️⃣TH B-DAY, Joey‼️🎉🧁
5. DLDavid And Christine Lochridge
Happy Birthday Joey. Have fun at the zoo. Love uncle David and Christine.
6. ASAuntie Rachel & Uncle Steve
Happy Birthday Joey! We love you!