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Hero Up!

Alicia Petrucci

Alicia Petrucci

Joey is officially going to the Autism Hero Walk!! Thank you to those who donated to get him there! And as of May 4 he is only $261 away from reaching the $1000 goal, we can’t believe it. We are so excited for him and look forward to participating in such an important event. Thank you again, everyone! :)

Calling all Superheroes!

In honor of Joey’s 4th birthday, love of superheroes and embracing Autism, please help us fundraise to secure a spot at the Autism Hero Walk at The Detroit Zoo!

We don’t really do things like this, but this event pulled our heart strings.

Given COVID restrictions we have to compete to get in! The first 900 people to reach their goal and beyond will be given the best opportunity to attend the actual event. Otherwise, we will participate virtually and receive a zoo ticket for each $25 in donations, up to 8 tickets.

It automatically set the goal at $300. We donated that amount to support Autism Alliance of Michigan and in hopes of making our sweet boy a superhero among many superhero friends for a day! We are hoping friends and fam can boost us above that to give us the best possible chance of getting there!

$500 earns Joey a custom route if walking or yard sign if virtual and up to 8 tickets to the Zoo.

$1000 earns Joey a featured “Hero of the Week” on social media, special edition green cape, custom route if walking or yard sign if virtual, Autism Hero Walk 2021 backpack and up to 8 tickets to the zoo! If walking, 5 team members can join us as well!

Thank you for your support!!

Lots of Love,
The Petruccis



raised of $700 goal

Recent Donations

1. AFArmour Family
Happy Birthday Super Joey!!!
2. SGSherri Gajewski
Love this!
3. HBHawk Borton
Joey, You are the most amazing superhero we know!! Good luck on your superhero walk and happy early birthday. We will be cheering you on from afar!! Love, Hawk, Fox & Family
4. LHLauren Huetteman
Happy 4️⃣TH B-DAY, Joey‼️🎉🧁
5. DLDavid And Christine Lochridge
Happy Birthday Joey. Have fun at the zoo. Love uncle David and Christine.
6. ASAuntie Rachel & Uncle Steve
Happy Birthday Joey! We love you!

Team Joey’s Super Squad