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Team Super Grover's Autism Hero Walk Fundraising page

Wendy And Raj Nair

Wendy and Raj Nair

Hi Friends and Family,
Due to COVID, our annual Super Hero Walk for Autism Alliance has gone virtual. What does this mean? It just means we will be raising money for a cause near and dear to us virtually. Instead of walking in a group at the zoo our team will be walking/biking/kayaking/boating to raise money individually and will post video/pictures of us doing an outdoor activity for each donation we receive. It also means that friends and family that may have lived too far away to join us in the past can join the team by fundraising and posting pictures/videos of their own outdoor activities in support of donations received. And if you want to add a little more intrigue do your activity in a Super Hero costume!

Instead of trying to coordinate walking on a specific day our team fundraising will continue through the scheduled virtual walk day on July 29th, posting pictures and videos along the way.

Our team name is Team Super Grover this year. Super Grover is Jessica's all time favorite superhero. Particularly when he loses control and crashes in to walls!

If you want to join our team and help fundraise through social media awesome! You can do so on our dashboard or via this link to register:

But if you would rather just donate or simply cheer us on, that would be just as awesome!

xoxo Raj, Wendy, Samantha and Jessica Nair



raised of $3,000 goal

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Team Supergrover